Former military man pays admission of guilt on Meersig “shooting spree”

The retired military officer who went on a brief shooting rampage in Meersig’s Extension 2 in March last year, among others injuring one of his four dogs during the shooting, will pay an admission of guilt fine for the offence.

Close to one year after the horror scene, when the 60-year-old Phillemon Eino Natangwe went on a shooting rage targeting his dogs, Natangwe can count himself fortunate to only walk away with a fine.
Members of the Namibian Police’s task force had to enter Natangwe’s home on that day to over-power and arrest him. Members of the public were horrified to witness the shooting and ensuing drama with Natangwe’s wife phoned the Police who promptly reacted.
Natangwe made several court appearances in the town’s magistrate’s court on charges relating to the Contravention of the Arms and Ammunition Act; the illegal discharge of a fire arm in a public area; negligent handling of a firearm when under the influence of an intoxicating liquor and charges under the Animal Protection Act.
After agreeing to the admission of guilt on 15 January, the case was withdrawn by the Public Prosecutor under Section 57 of the Criminal Procedure Act.

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