Four arrested for allegedly killing an alleged burglar

The police arrested three male and one female suspects on Saturday after they allegedly killed an alleged burglar with knobkieries. The body of the deceased was found in the DRC in Swakopmund, lying next to an abandoned house on Saturday morning.

The incident was confirmed to namib times yesterday by Detective Chief Inspector Erastus Iikuyu of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in Walvis Bay.
According to preliminary reports the victim in this matter was allegedly trying to break into a ghetto on Saturday morning at about 3:00.
“It seems that the owner of the shack called his neighbours for assistance,” he said. The neighbours thereafter searched for the alleged burglar and found him hiding behind another shack.
“It is alleged that the four people then beat the victim with a knobkierie,” Iikuyu continued.
After the incident the neighbours allegedly went back to sleep leaving the victim behind. “It seems that the victim walked away from the scene, only to collapse after about 30 metres from where he passed away,” Iikuyu said.
The body was found on Saturday morning at about 8:00 by a member of the public lying behind a house.
There was blood coming from the nose. “We arrested the four suspects and they have been charged with murder,” Iikuyu continued.
The police was not yet able to trace the family of the deceased.
The victim is believed to be between 25 and 35 years of age.
He was a Makalani seller known only as “Axas”.
The police also recorded a suicide over the long weekend which also transpired in DRC in Swakopmund.
According to Iikuyu, 40 year-old Victor Watota was found hanging by a rope around his neck in a shack he was renting.
“The body was discovered yesterday at about 12:00 by the landlord who had not seen the lessee since Saturday,” Iikuyu said. The police is investigating the case.

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