Four guys rob, assault and kidnap 22 year-old

Four guys driving a red Golf 4 on Sunday morning allegedly kidnapped and assaulted 22 year-old Jian Swartz after a night out in Walvis Bay. During the horrific ordeal they chased Jian through Walvis Bay’s streets and finally ended up heavily damaging a car. Jian’s friend, Augusto Cloete (18), who was also in the vehicle, is traumatised to such an extent that he has become a mute.
In what can only be described as an act of epic barbaric proportions, two young men from Walvis Bay will be emotionally scarred for the rest of their lives. “The damage to the car can be repaired, but what they did to these two young men, is just brutal,” Augusto Cloete’s mother Anita Matthys said to namib times yesterday. While she was talking tears streamed down her face. Jian is her cousin’s son.
According to Matthys, Augusto and Jian were the night out in Walvis Bay when they wanted to leave for home in Narraville in the early morning hours on Sunday. “I don’t know what happened at the Club, but four men driving a red Golf 4 chased my son and his friend through town,” Matthys said. When they reached the Turn-Off to Kuisebmond, Jian must have lost control over the vehicle in a corner and the small car left the road and got stuck in a ditch.
Because Augusto suffers from Cerebral Palsy and is therefore disabled, the driver Jian stepped out to protect Augusto. Augusto locked the car. “The four men beat Jian up, assaulted him heavily and when he was on the floor they kicked him in his face. I think he broke some ribs. When I saw him afterwards, I couldn’t recognise his face anymore,” Matthys said. The four men also wanted to beat Augusto, who had locked himself in the car. One guy jumped onto the bonnet and smashed the front window, while the other broke off wipers, scratched the whole car and destroyed the hub caps.
“They then decided to leave Augusto, but forced Jian into the Golf and drove off,” Matthys continues. They drove to a Service Station in Kuisebmond where they continued assaulting Jian. “I tried phoning Jian, but they stole his phone,” Mattys said. Afterwards they drove back with Jian to the scene, but not far off they saw Augusto walking home close to the graveyard. “When they saw Augusto they kicked Jian out of the car and just drove off,” Mattys said.
“Whatever might have happened at the Club, you don’t do something like this. Especially not to a disabled person. My son Augusto has since the incident not said a single word. He has become a mute,” Mattys said, while tears streamed down her face. “God will judge them.” Matthys wishes to say thank you to a certain man called January, who helped her pull out the stuck car.

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