FPS won quiz

Rudi Bowe

Flamingo Primary School’s mathematics and science quiz team clinched first place in the second annual mathematics and science quiz hosted by !Nara Primary School.

The Eleven primary schools in the harbour town that participated in the mathematics and science quiz were, !Nara Primary School, Walvis Bay Primary School, Narraville Primary School, The Dolphin Schools, Flamingo Primary School, Immanuel Ruiters Primary School, Alexander Private School, !Nara Primary School, International School of Walvis Bay, Duneside Primary School, Tutaleni primary School and Vrede Rede Primary School from Swakopmund.
The Flamingo team that consisted of Emilio Gariseb, Francine Shapaka, Omagano Muzanima and Helena Nuyoma had to battle it out in against learners from International School of Walvis Bay, The Dolphin Schools and Walvis Bay Primary School in the final round.
The Second place was taken by Laura Damster, Martin Bisset, Margenita Davids and Edwina Kamatoto from Walvis Bay Primary School whilst last year’s winner, The Dolphins Schools that consisted of Justine van Meer, Callun Thiart, Liam Allen and Ethan Egumbo won third place.

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