Freak accident

Truck falls off railway bridge – Train crashes into wreck

Eileen van der Schyff

It was a day of miracles for several people on Tuesday, when everyone sustained only slight injuries when a truck plunged off a railway bridge between Usakos and Karibib, right into the way of an oncoming train. The train subsequently slammed into the wreck of the truck.
The driver of a Kia truck lost control of the vehicle after it encountered steering problems. The truck swerved into the oncoming lane and was hit by an Iveco truck. The collision was on a section of the road where the railway line crosses under the road by means of a railroad bridge.
The sheer force of the collision sent the Iveco into the railway bridge’s barriers and it plunged onto the railway line below. At that very moment an oncoming train slammed into the wreck of the truck on the railway line.
Emergency respondents were surprised to discover all the people involved in the multiple accidents, including the train driver and his assistant, were only slightly injured.

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