Freight Train Derails

namib times 14 July 2014



Report by: Maria Davel-Wallis en Liesl Losper

A Class 34 acid tank freight train with a consignment of sulphuric acid destined for Rössing Uranium Mine, derailed late yesterday after it departed from Walvis Bay. The train carrying around 11 acid tankers derailed on the route behind the dune belt.

Some of the sulphuric acid from a single tanker that capsized when the locomotives derailed, spilled, but the hazardous fluid was contained swiftly by the TransNamib Acid Response Unit, to safeguard the direct environment from contamination.

The sulphuric acid is used for extraction processes at the mine. The Executive spokesperson of TransNamib, Mr Struggle Ihuhua, told namib times later last night that the recovery unit was on site.

According to Mr Ihuhua the two train drivers sustained no injuries. He said the train had derailed due to sand on the tracks, and bad weather conditions.

He said no rail services leaving from Walvis Bay would be available until further notice, and train services would only be available from Swakopmund, the nearest train station.

He said they were working around the clock to restore services as soon as possible.

Investigations were ongoing, and the extent of the damage was unknown when going to press.

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