Fuel attendant caught in the act cloning client’s bank card

Despite swift action N$8000 withdrawn from victim’s account

A fuel attendant of Walvis Bay is in custody and is soon to appear in the magistrate’s court on a charge of theft, after he was caught red handed this week using a scanning device to clone a client’s bank card.

Despite the fact that bank cards have a chip-and-pin feature, that makes card cloning difficult, the criminals seem to be staying one step ahead.
The shocked victim spoke to Namib Times shortly after the incident this week. He explained he arrived at a certain fuel station to refuel his vehicle. When he presented his bank card, the fuel attended turned around and it was clear he was fiddling in his pocket.

The customer sensed something is wrong and confronted the fuel attendant. Subsequently a card scanner was found on the attendant.
Despite the fact that the victim contacted the police, whom arrived at the fuel station promptly to arrest the suspect, an amount of N$8000-00 was nonetheless withdrawn from the victim’s account.
At his bank, he was advised to entirely close his account and to open a new account, as the cloned card already compromised his pin code and other crucial personal information.


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