Gambling jackpot leads to stabbing and shooting

Isaac Chikosi

Gambling is dangerous in more than one way. A man was shot several times in Henties Bay over the weekend during an argument over gambling jackpot winnings.

Twenty-two-year old Petrus Fillipus (22) ended up being evacuated to Windhoek for medical treatment after he was shot three times in a Hen-ties Bay bar/casino by a man identified as 29-year old Simon Fillipus (ironically the victim and perpetrator share the same surname but is not related).
The Namibian Polices Regional Crimes Investigations Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, confirmed the incident. Simon Fillipus was arrested and now faces several criminal charges including that of attempted murder and discharging a firearm in a municipal area.
The victim Petrus Fillipus also faces possible criminal prosecution once discharged from hospital. A third party laid charges against him alleging he (Petrus Fillipus) stabbed him in the head with a broken bottle.
It is believed the sequence of the incident was as follows: the argument ensured over the jackpot winnings. It then culminated into the one man being stabbed with the bottle and then the shooting in retaliation.
In the meantime, the Unit Commander of the Namibian Police for Community Affairs, war-rant officer Ileni Shapumba expressed his grave concern over violent crimes committed at drinking places across the region. This incident at Henties Bay follows on the heels of a deadly shooting at a shebeen in Walvis Bay recently, similar incidents of violence at Usakos and also the incident where a man’s ear was bitten off at a popular club at Swakopmund following a bar brawl.
“We continue to conduct educational meetings, conduct searches at these places but somewhere somehow, something appears not right.  Some are just not to be trusted. Almost every day there are reports of people being stabbed. Now and then it’s incidents of robbery at the bars. Then there is these nuisance of noisy drinking places in residential areas.
And as if it was not enough: we are still receiving reports that some liquor vendors are locking clients inside the bars and continue to serve them after closing hours.
People are allowed into the drinking places carrying dangerous weapons. There is a clear lack of security and control”, explained warrant officer Shapumba.
Adding: “we need to remind people to desist from solving problems by means of violence. Problems should be reported to the Police and together we shall seek solutions. Avoid violence!”
Warrant officer Shapumba also lashed at liquor license holders who only send delegates to meetings with the Police. “Probably they don’t get the right message. We are saying alcohol should be sold with a valid liquor license. All conditions of these liquor licenses must be adhered to. Security of people at their places is a serious matter. We are all as stakeholders responsible for the protection of lives of people. We need people to take this very serious”, said warrant officer Shapumba.
He urged bar owners to come to the table, as the Police cannot deploy members to each and every liquor outlet to maintain law and order. It is also the responsibility of these bar owners and the public too need to understand with every right to consume alcohol there is the obligation to behave and be considerate of others.

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