Geingob: “Harambee should not be ridiculed or scoffed at”

President Hage Geingob has called on all Namibians to embrace the spirit of Harambee and move the country forward. This was his key message when he addressed Namibians during the country’s 27th independence celebrations at Rundu yesterday.
President Geingob looked back on the country’s achievements since independence 27 years ago, saying that there is a lot to be grateful for. However, he warned, there are “centrifugal forces” who are locked on “destroying what took us so many years and so much blood, sweat and tears to build.”
“We are aware that after 27 years we still face many uphill challenges, most specifically with regards to our socio-economic architecture,” he said. Adding: “So when we talk of the concept of Harambee and peace, it should not be scoffed at or ridiculed; it should rather be seen in the context of promoting oneness of the mind and a concord amongst our people in order to safeguard our sovereignty.”
Amongst the guests of honour were former Namibian Heads of State, Dr Sam Nujoma and Hifikupunye Pohamba, whom President Geingob said have laid a solid foundation for Namibia. He reviewed various achievements and underlined the Old Age Grant. It currently stands at N$1 200 in 2017, double from N$600 in 2014.
Looking to the future President Geingob said that government is exploring measures to accelerate industrialisation and job creation. “We are also promoting investment in tourism, agribusiness and other labour- and skills intensive sectors.
To further address the issue of poverty in Namibia, Geingob also mentioned NEEEF, and described it as a program “we intend to implement.”
“Some people are opposed to NEEEF, without providing alternative proposals. It is time that all of us in Namibia adopt the culture of sharing and assisting each other to attain human dignity.”
Before concluding Geingob also delved into the emotional issue of land ownership. The President stays committed to address the land issue. “I have alluded to the fact that we need to revisit the willing buyer willing seller concept (…) We have exhausted the concept because after 27 years, the process is slow in satisfying the wishes of the majority of Namibians,” he said.
The president added though that “let us all bear in mind that we should desist from visiting the sins of the fathers on the children of today. Let us therefore come together and hold hands in dealing with the land problem so that we can solve it amicably, while maintaining the strong foundations of peace, stability and unity which we have enjoyed for 27 years.”

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