Gender Deputy Minister says enough is enough

Rudi Bowe

Namibia is facing serious challenges of gender-based violence, which mostly affect women and children, especially the girl child, and to some extent, our boys.

The Deputy Minister of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare Bernadette Maria Jagger said at the launch of national humanitarian aid project in Walvis Bay by the Namibia Red Cross Society that the government is condemning the acts of GBV and is in a time where we say we are tired and that enough is enough.
Jagger said, “Government are in a prosses to revive the current policies and strategies to see how best we can change the system, to ensure that our women and children are free from GBV.”
According to the deputy minister the government has appointed a ministerial committee to look at the current policies and strategies evaluable and at the recommendations made at the second National GBV conference held in 2014. This decisions and recommendations need to be implemented as soon as possible to ensure that all citizens are safe.
According to the deputy minister there are some community members who know who the culprits are that is involved in GBV crimes. The police is struggling to get the GBV culprits to book as the communities are staying quiet.
Jagger said “We need to take hands with the police and work around the clock to keep our communities safe and make sure that we won the war against this monster called GBV.”
Therefore, the deputy minister appealed to churches to not just preach the gospel, but also find platforms to seriously address the issue and called on Namibians to start co-operating with the police, as suspects mostly include neighbours, friends, and family members of victims. Jagger added that people have been reluctant to help the police with information and also called on all government ministries to get involved in the fight against GBV.
“It is worth mentioning that men remain the main culprits in the commission of GBV crimes, even though women perpetrating GBV crimes are slightly increasing,” Jagger said.
The Deputy Minister of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare Bernadette Maria Jagger accompanied by the Erongo Governor Neville Andre, Walvis Bay Mayor Immanuel Willfried and Walvis Bay Urban Constituency Councillor Knowledge Ipinge visited the site where the remains of 22-year-old Shannon Wasserfal were found and paid a curtesy call to the family of the late Wasserfall, to offer comfort to the grieving family.

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