German Embassy assists to repair historic pipe organ

The congregation of the German Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Swakopmund expressed their deepest appreciation to the German Embassy in Nambia for the funding of N$40 000 for the repair of their church’s pipe organ.

Not only is the church building itself an historic landmark in Swakopmund, the organ itself is a vintage treasure, having been built in Ludwigsburg in Germany in 1911 and installed in the church in 1912 by the company Richard Müller of Cape Town. Both the church and organ are national assets, under cultural heritage protection.
Ellen Gölz, the Deputy Head of Mission of the German Embassy Windhoek, signed the contract for the funding with Horst Heiser, Head of the Parish Council, on 24 May this year in Swakopmund.
At the signing ceremony Gölz said the German mission is pleased to contribute towards the maintenance of the pipe organ.
Gölz proudly added the organ was built by Walcker, a name renowned for the construction of pipe organs. In fact, pipe organs from Walcker are played across the globe.
Heiser added: “The repair of our Walcker-organ has been a priority for several years. We are very thankful, that we can now commence the repairs with the financial support of the German Embassy and preserve the organ in its original state.”  Adding, normally the maintenance of the organ and the church building is funded through donations and income from community events. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic no significant funds could be raised.
The organ is soon back for religious services, weddings, funerals and concerts.

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