Get ready for the festive season

Mayor urges stakeholders in Walvis Bay to prepare in time

Floris Steenkamp

Walvis Bay’s mayor Alderman Immanuel Wilfried on Tuesday night called upon all stakeholders, whether individuals, the private sector or the municipality of Walvis Bay, to step up their various preparations for the Christmas holidays, as he once again wants visitors and holiday makers to enjoy the harbour town as a clean, safe and service-efficient holiday destination. He made this request at the Town Council meeting on Tuesday night.
The mayor called upon all stakeholders to find ways to deal with the influx of people more efficiently in order for them to feel at home and enjoy the advantages of the ocean and the desert.
The annual festive holiday season is a time when the coastal economies receive a much-welcomed economic injection, but the influx of thousands of people can also be challenging.
Road accidents, the delivery of water- and sewerage services and criminals targeting visitors are some of the challenges that often repeat themselves during every festive holiday season.
“The prospect of dealing with so many visitors during such a short period can be a bit challenging at times, and for some it can be very stressful. Be that as it may, I think we should find ways of dealing the influx more effectively. As starters, I think we are truly blessed and privileged to be living in a coastal region that is considered one of the world’s most attractive and exceptional, almost in an outlandish sort of way”, the mayor explained. Adding foreigners have Namibia on their map and Namibians find the coast the best possible escape from the interior’s relentless heat.
“I therefore urge our administrators to get cracking with the annual contingency plans to ensure that we improve upon our service of previous years. We should all look forward to our visitors experiencing a pleasant time in and around Walvis Bay”, said Alderman Wilfried.
Individuals can do their part too in making Walvis Bay the desired holiday destination: people can be vigilant against crime and report possible criminal activities to the nearest police or neighbourhood watch formations.
People can also assist in keeping Walvis Bay clean at all times and not wait for the weekly dump truck to make its round or the quarterly Team Up to Clean Up campaigns.
“Our efforts in this regard (to make it pleasant for visitors) would be greatly enhanced if we were to operate in a clean environment too. It goes without saying that we all need to observe the general rules of cleanliness, wherever we are”, said Alderman Wilfried. Adding it is his dream to make Walvis Bay the cleanest city in Africa.

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