Giant ship off Walvis Bay puzzles many a resident

Residents of Walvis Bay were puzzled this week over a gigantic ship South of Pelican Point on the outer-bound of the peninsula. The vessel was clearly supported by two workboats, increasing not only curiosity but also some concern as it was clear the vessel was close to shore and could have had trouble. The vessel was also not visible on radar at port control, providing so much more intrigue.

After a brief investigation namib times established the vessel is the tanker ship North Sea Producer. The vessel is destined for Dubai where she would be used for a floating oil storage facility. The vessel is classified as a dead ship – the maritime term for a ship that is not functional anymore as it has no power to drive its main engines for propulsion or any other functions aboard. The ship cannot move on its own and has to be towed.
The newspaper could establish the tug Terasea Hawk which tows the Producer called at the port of Walvis Bay this week for supplies. As the Producer cannot be brought into port, the tugs Armada Tuah 102 and Ocean Ndjosi were chartered as stand-by vessels. Local marine engineering firm Kraatz Marine were also contracted for a minor refitting work to the tanker whilst off Walvis Bay. Once Terasea Hawk is ready to sail, she would rendezvous with Producer and hook up again to proceed to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates via the Cape of Good Hope.

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