Give help when and where it is needed

Rudi Bowe 

The Rotary Club of Walvis Bay, two families and two businesses from Walvis Bay recently lend a helping hand to the Walvis Bay state hospital, with a donation of Covid-19 relief products to the value of N$49 500-00.

The family Adams donated two wheelchairs, whilst the Rotary Club of Walvis Bay donated a third wheelchair as well as cleaning products.
The family Plato donated six 25 litres vessels of bleach, hand wash, pine gel and 20 blankets. The family lost their husband and father, Mr Chandler Plato, in July last year to Covid-19. At the time Mr Plato was part of the Covid-19 Task Force in Walvis Bay and worked tirelessly on the front lines.
The two business that made donations were Transworld Cargo (Walvis Bay) and BC Stone.
Transworld Cargo donated stationary to the value of N$4 954-00 and BC Stone donated a whopping 125 litres of sanitiser, 80 face shields, 1 000 face masks, 500 gloves, 200 light duty aprons, five drip stands and five boxes of paper towels.

The Acting Senior Medical Officer at the Walvis Bay State Hospital, Dr Augustu Gawab, explained the hospital continues to find itself in a difficult situation to keep up with supplies. He expressed sincere gratitude for the donations.
“We received everything on the list as requested, but the wheelchairs were an added bonus for which we are deeply thankful”, said Dr. Gawab.
Adding: “The staff at the hospital is working tirelessly to help community member that are admitted to the hospital, whether it is Covid-related or any other illness”.
The widow of the late Mr Chandler Plato, Mrs Lovino Plato, on behalf of the families and the business community handed over the donations. The mayor of Walvis Bay, Cllr. Trevino Forbes was also present and took the opportunity to commend the hospital’s staff for their service excellence.
Mrs Plato after the handing over said should there be more need for donations, they can again approach her. She and her two sons, Chad and Aurelio is committed to the fight against Covid-19 to honour their late husband and father.
The mayor in congratulating hospital staff said during the pandemic when other hospitals buckled under pressure, the Walvis Bay state hospital work tirelessly to keep the situation under control.
The Mayor expressed his gratitude to the family members and the business community for their generous donation to the hospital.

Mayor Forbes also used the opportunity to thank the two women behind the success of his office. Most of the time politician take the shine and thus neglect the persons behind their success.
“Therefore, I would like to thank my personal assistant Shirley Tjaveondja and the secretary to the mayor’s office Lelanie Coetzee for the work that they are doing”, said Forbes.
Both Forbes and Plato called upon the community to continue to do their part to support the local effort to crush the Covid-19 pandemic.

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