Giving back as a gesture of her gratefulness

Using her time off to bring unique happiness, Auditor Ansie Rossouw believes in togetherness and helping each other out thus, she has decided to bake a smile for the less fortunate.

Unrelenting in its spread, Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the livelihoods of many into a chaotic twister and 50-year-old Ansie Rossouw, who resides in Walvis Bay, the pandemic pulled a fast one on her, twice. Succeeding many years of service as an auditor, Rossouw qualified for sabbatical leave in last year.
All was booked and planned and Rossouw was ready to take her flight to visit England, in March last year however, less than a week before her set departure date the Covid-19 explosion took off and she had to cancel her trip.
“It was postponed to December 2020, and yes what happened? a Covid second wave. Travelling is again not an option,” said Rossouw.
With her spirits being low the past number of weeks, the disappointment Rossouw spent time over Christmas pondering how to spend her time at home. Finally, an idea dawned on her, she then has set an agenda to bake for charity.
“I am truly grateful for the time off. So, my target is to bake 24 cakes came 15 February. I will give the cakes to anybody that will find happiness from receiving a cake. Cake brings a unique happiness that everyone deserves to feel,” she expressed.
The mother of two said she is doing this for those who deserve some more love and feel joy for a few moments.
“I am not a master baker, just a home cook that loves to bake. If you know of anybody that would benefit from this, be it for a birthday or any other event. I will bake and deliver.”
Her sabbatical will come to an end on 15 February 2021, and she will return to her day job as auditor. “I will have less time for projects such as this however, I will try to find time to continue on a smaller scale.”
Rossouw says that amidst Covid-19, many have lost their jobs and some are struggling to meet their essentials. So, despite being locked down, social distance amongst other everyone needs to be on the lookout for opportunities where they can support each other.
“Build on your strengths, baking for example is a love of mine and a skill that the Lord gave to me, so I will use it to “be there” for others,” she said.
Having only started, the challenges have been few for Rossouw.
“I am having a little bit of trouble sifting through the people asking for cakes.”
On an average a cake cost her about N$180 to bake.
Locals who would like to nominate a recipient for a cake should write to her why the person is deserving of a cake via WhatsApp on +264 81 127 2372.

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