Golden Oldies sparkle at the coast

Rudi Bowe

The very first Namibian Golden Oldies sports event took place at the coast recently.

People from Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Windhoek, Okahandja and Rehoboth competed in soccer matches and also athletics. The event was held at the Mondesa Sports Field at Swakopmund.
The Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Bernhard Esau had the honour of opening the event where he expressed his satisfaction at the fact that events like this ensure Namibians remain fit, active and healthy. Events like this is also a valuable break from daily routines and is actually long overdue.”Many of us don’t use our legs enough for the purpose intended by The Maker – that is to walk, but we use it more for pushing the pedals of our cars and overall our bodies are not as active as it should in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is not beneficial to our health, and especially for us as golden oldies” not to be active”, said the Minister.”We needed an event that brings together golden oldies for sport events and to socialise. Any sport – running, walking, dancing, stretching – is good enough” Esau explained. It’s a bit difficult for golden oldies to exercise next to the young one in sport – but when they are together as golden oldies, they can greatly encourage one another and have loads of fun competing”. Sport events for golden oldies will greatly contribute to healthy well-being. Doctors usually remind old people to be active to improve blood circulation and other health benefits of staying active bodily. “In China and Japan as countries and numerous cities and towns across the world, golden oldies are filling streets in the mornings and evenings, to dance, to walk and to socialise. We can do the same here in Namibia, as these kind of activities help us fighting stress, loneliness and keeps us in good health”, further explained Esau.The Minister wants the word to be spread across the country and wants more sports events where people of fifty years and above are encouraged to compete. “I want Namibia to have the fittest and healthiest golden oldies in the world”, he proclaimed. The chairperson of the Namibian Golden Oldies Sport committee, John Ramakhutla, said the event was a big success and I would like to invite former Namibian sport stars to join in the next Golden Oldies Sport Day. The next event, to take place at Rehoboth in July this year, will include netball as well. Rehoboth Golden Oldies Sports Club organises the event. Persons who would like to join the Namibian Golden Oldies Sports Club can call 081 244 3643 or 081 214 1014.Brave Warrior stalwarts Stanley Goagoseb, Milla Gertze, Steven Damaseb, Luckey Rigter and Chicken Kashona participated at the Swakopmund event and shows you are never too old to do sport.
The results of the day were:
Windhoek Old Stars beat Walvis Bay 2-1 in the first knock-out game and in the next game Okahandja beat Rehoboth 3-1 on penalties after the score was 0-0 at full time. In the first semi-final Windhoek Old Stars beat Swakopmund 3-1 to book a place in the final against Okahandja. Windhoek Old Stars won the final and the cup as they beat Okahandja 3-1.
The full results are:

  1. Windhoek
  2. Okahandja
  3. Swakopmund
  4. Rehoboth
  5. Walvis Bay
    Men 50 metres:
    (50 to 53 years):
  6. Gideon Gurirab
  7. R. Manale
  8. W. Eiseb
    (54-56 years):
  9. Anton /Goagoseb
  10. Sadike!Aoxamub
  11. Jakes /Khaxab
    (57 to 59 years):
  12. John Ramakhutla
  13. Morwe Moritz
    Ladies 100 metres:
  14. Elizabeth Boois
  15. Helga Matsuis
  16. Elsie Awases
    Men 100 metres:
    (50 to 53 years):
  17. Gideon Gurirab
  18. Rooiden Manale
  19. Hermanus Haraseb
    (54-56 years):
  20. Sadike !Aoxamub
  21. Stefanus Riet
  22. Chicken Willem
    (57-59 years):
  23. Morwe Moritz
  24. John Ramakhutla
    (60-65 years):
  25. Martin Castro Gowaseb
  26. Makab Doeseb
  27. Bobeye
    Men 200 metres (50-53):
  28. Gideon Gurirab
  29. Hendrick Matsuib
  30. Stefanus Riets
    (54-56 years):
    Anton /Goagoseb
    (57-59 years):
  31. John Ramakhutla
  32. Morwe Moritz
    Men 800 metres (60-65):
  33. Makat Doeseb
  34. Bobeje
    Men 400 meters (50-53):
  35. Hendrick Matsuib
  36. Gideon Gurirab
  37. S. Abraham
  38. Windhoek
  39. Rehoboth
  40. Swakopmund

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