Government officials need to get respect for the public

Following public outrage over a VIP Protection Officer from Windhoek who parked a service vehicle in a parking bay reserved for people living with disabilities in front of Swakopmund Spar shopping complex on 30 December, a similar incident allegedly occurred only a few days earlier involving a government vehicle. The Government vehicle used this same parking spot, much to the irk of passers by. The Government official disregarded the fact the parking bay is reserved for people with disabilities and parked there to go grocery shopping.
A concerned Swakopmund resident informed namib times and provided pictures. “The matter bears down to respect.
Government officials as a matter of urgency need to nurture respect for other Namibians.
More so for vulnerable people like the elderly and those living with disabilities who are reliant on public infrastructure like parking bays designated for the disabled, in order to make life less challenging for them”, said the person who provided the pictures.

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