Grading exercise at RCFA

Rudi Bowe

The Namibia RCFA Kickboxing Academy held their second kickboxing grading exercise at their club in Walvis Bay.

The kickboxing grading exercise was held to determine how students progress throughout the year. Belt grading systems are used by kick-boxing academies as a way to both inspire and demonstrate a student’s advancement in the sport.
The beginner’s kick-boxing belt is given to the trainee as soon as he or she enrolls in the academy. The student needs to perform all required tasks and pass a number of tests and drills to earn the next colour or grade. The challenges and requirements depend on the kickboxing academy.
Some institutions also have levels within each grade.
These show how much the trainee improved through the phases until he’s ready to move on to the next grade. There are corresponding exercises, requirements, sparring matches and tests along the course to ensure that the trainee is well-equipped and is competent enough for the belt the trainee is wearing.
Forty students took part in the grading exercise, after which all students received a certificate and a new coloured belt, and walked out proud as champions in their own right, with the youngest student only six years old.
The Namibia RCFA Kickboxing Academy has very high standards and the club is producing champions and maintaining exceptional standards.
The support from pa-rents at the event was phenomenal and students inspired other youngsters to get more people involved in the sport.
Throughout the event it became clear that the trademark of a true champion is to stay humble.
The students that graded are:
Abiater William
Alessando Hendricks
Ashwin Bezuidenhout
Carlito Noble
Daniel Asmundsson
Jelico Johannes
JP van Zyl
Kelsey Miljo
Marlene Engelbrecht
Mason Theron
Monnic Delport
Tharina de Jager
Aaron Mouton
Ane Visser
Antonique Zerbe
Iyaloo Romero
Romero Coetzee
Stefan Zerbe
Cherne Scheepers
Elize Arangies
Luandre Thiersen
Randall William
Hugo Schoonbee
Camilla Agenbag
Cruzitto Noble
Deveraux Hendricks
Tanaka Kimbini
Ankia Rentzke
Giano Alcock
Hugo Jones
J C Mouton
Llewellyn de Jager
Mia Kittler
Nathan Slinger
Raymundo Bowe
Wade Slinger
Dawn Spangenberg
Ane Nel
Stephanie Schoonbee

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