Grassroots Coaching Course at the coast

Rudi Bowe

The Namibia Football Association (NFA) together with Global United FC and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation collaborated with Playtime Namibia recently hosted a NFA Grassroots Coaching Course at the Atlantis Sports Field in Walvis Bay.

It provided an opportunity for 32 participants, mostly teachers from different primary schools in Walvis Bay, to receive training with the aim to uplift and equip them with the technical and social skills to nurture the youth and surface the importance of sports in our communities. A practical coaching clinic assessment of participants with 80 children was included in the training session.
The purpose is to engage and promote, facilitate, and ensure sustainable sports activities in the region. The coaches are encouraged to be resilient and take control, both on and off the field to help develop existing clubs and young talent and create betterment of infrastructure for training.

Erongo Regional Governor Neville Andre said: “to the recipients of this grassroots Coaching, we expect you to go back to your various clubs and develop from the armoury of Namibia’s rich talent more Hendrik David’s, Bonnetti Niilenge’ s, Koko Mautungua’ s, Ivo and Sandro De Govia’s, Colin Benjamin’s, Lucky Shipanga’ s, Paulus Shipanga, Jackie Shipanga’ s, Gerald Guther’s, Ronny Kanalelo’s, Bobby Samaria’s, that can take our game to further heights.”
The Governor applaud the Namibian Football Association in partnership with Global United FC and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Sub Saharan Africa for this important training course in which our Football Legends like the great Colin Benjamin and Gerald Guther shared not only their life experiences as professionals in the game but essential coaching touches as professional coaches.
NFA Acting Technical Director Jaqueline Shipanga expressed her gratitude towards the Playtime committee for organising the event in partnership with the sponsors in the “Mighty Erongo”.

She also applauded the talent within the region and deems events of this nature crucial in shaping the youth in the region.
The facilitators of the course were Grassroots Course Instructor Gerald Güther, Global United FC Ambassador Collin Benjamin and NFA Acting Technical Director Jaqueline Shipanga with Local Mentee Instructors Leandre Lucas, Lucky Shipanga, Dankie Hipundjua and Erongo Football League Coordinator Romeo Goseb.

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