Green Energy Leap

The Ministry of Mines and Energy have proven that they are not only the ones responsible for bringing energy to Namibians, but also to take the lead in green energy generation.

The Ministry will be inaugurating its newly constructed regional offices in Swakopmund on Dusch Street next year, featuring four wind turbines and a solar power plant for reduced dependence on the grid.

The turbines are UGE-4K vertical axis wind turbines and are different from the conventional wind generation design. Vertical axis wind turbines go one step further, harnessing winds from any direction simultaneously, and generation can take place in different wind velocities.

The turbines are suited for low-altitude installations, such as on building rooftops. These tubines can strut their stuff even in varying wind speeds.

According to reports by Karen Miller Architect, the UGE-4K wind turbine by Urban Green Energy is here to change the path of small wind. These wind turbines are so quiet, you won’t even know they are spinning! It is the ultimate achievement in low velocity winds, allowing a patented technology to create a powerful system to offset energy use, whatever the demand may be.

Whether energy is sent to the grid or used to charge a bank of batteries off the grid, the UG-4K is an excellent solution to benefit from the untapped energy of the wind. It is the perfect choice for clean renewable energy states reports by Miller.

The UGE-4K uses a three-phase permanent magnet type of generator. When the wind turbine isn’t providing enough electricity, the grid will automatically provide needed electricity. The turbines are 4.6m high, 3m wide and have a weight of 461kg.

Asked when the building will be inaugurated, the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Mrs Ten Hasheela, said no date has been set, but it is expected to take place early in 2016.

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