Guan’s Packaging – 064 Cup

Rudi Bowe

SFC Swakopmund was crowned the 2018 Club Champions as they defeated Buccaneers 40-35 at the 064 Squash Cup. The event was sponsored by Guan’s Packaging. It took place on Saturday 3 November 2018 in Swakopmund.

The competition was a resounding success with the top twelve men and top four ladies’ players from SFC. Swakopmund competed against the equivalent strength players from the Buccaneers Squash Club in Walvis Bay in a singles and doubles competition.
The four highest ranking players from each club made up the A-Division, players ranked 5-8 made up the B-Division and players ranked 9-12 made up the C-Division. The four highest ranked ladies’ players from each club played in a separate division.
The Results:
The singles
A-Division was won by Buccaneers beat SFC 9-6
B-Division SFC beat Buccaneers 10-4
C-Division Buccaneers beat SFC 10-3
The SFC ladies were too strong for Buccaneers ladies and consequently won 12-1.
The doubles
A-Division SFC and Buccaneers drew 2-2
B-Division SFC and Buccaneers drew 3-3
C-Division Buccaneers beat SFC 4-0
In the lady’s doubles SFC beat Buccaneers 4-2.
SFC Swakopmund thanked Guan’s Packaging for being the enabler of lasting memories.

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