Guilty of kidnapping and assault

Logan Pretorius and three co-accused sentenced on 10 June for kidnapping of three boys

Floris Steenkamp

Four Walvis Bay residents, who were found guilty on Friday of kidnapping and assault, will know their fate in less than a month. Logan Pretorius, Sandra Riobo, Ashley Januarie and Curven Vries were found guilty in the Swakopmund regional court on Friday for the kidnapping on 30 August 2014 of three young boys to Pretorius’ home in Walvis Bay’s Meersig suburb.

In the garage of the house followed several hours of merciless assaults and degrading treatment of the boys. That included the boys being forced to drink salt water which caused them to vomit and then forced to eat the vomit. Pretorius suspected the boys were behind the death of one of his dogs. Pretorius claims to be dog breeder. Along with his girlfriend Sandra Riobo and two friends Januarie and Vries they dragged the boys from their bicycles, took them to Pretorius’ residence where they were assaulted and tortured in order to obtain an admission that they were behind the dog’s death. The four will be sentenced on 10 June this year.

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