Hake right holders come together

Three Namibian hake right holders have come together in agreement to pool their respective quotas and create a entity namely NamHake Investments (Pty) Ltd to increase their negotiating power to secure a material stake in Seawork and to jointly pursue other strategic interests in the Namibian fishing industry.

These right holders are Escalate Investments (Pty) Ltd, Green Rose Trading (Pty) Ltd and Omaru Fishing (Pty) Ltd; each right holder has taken up 33.33% shareholding in NamHake. The objective of the venture is for the three companies to become owners and participants in the full fishing value chain through Seawork. North Quay Properties (Pty) Ltd is the 100% shareholder of Seawork, and has made 25% of Seawork available for NamHake to purchase. NamHake acquired 15 % of this available shareholding in Seawork on 1 November which amounts to an approximate value of N$75 million in assets.

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