HAN challenges business community at coast to support Chelsi

Sharlien Tjambari 

The Hospitality Association of Namibian (HAN) is challenging the business community from the coastal towns to come on board and support Miss Namibia 2021, Chelsi Shikongo on her road to the International Pageant, Miss Universe come this December.

Miss Universe is one of the most recognised and prestigious international beauty pageants and is one of the four largest beauty pageants in the world in terms of the number of national-level competitions.
According to the Chairperson of HAN in Erongo region Annette Kötting, Chelsi Shikongo needs help from the business community. As an ambassador who will be the first from Erongo region to represent Namibia at Miss Universe, the business community in Erongo region need to stand by her and uplift her by sponsoring her so she can represent Namibia and Erongo with pride in Eilat, Israel this coming December. While speaking to namib times Kötting said: “There are so many businesses in and around Erongo region who can step up and assist Chelsi with sponsorship, be it jewellery makers, clothing designers, make-up artists etc. Erongo is a region rich with talent and resources”. Participating in the International Pageant is a very costly as there are so many costs involved. With a series of outfits required from swimsuits, athletic wear, evening gowns and attire linked to your home country, a wardrobe alone can cost you thousands of dollars that is why it is important that local clothing de-signers come on board to designs cloths for Chelsi, this would also be a great opportunity for local designers to showcase their talent.
Chelsi will appreciate any form of assistance, be it financially or in kind. Anyone who is able and want to assist her on her road to Miss Universe can contact her directly on chelsishikongo@-gmail.com or through HAN.

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