Hand sanitiser in the war against Hepatitis-E

Since the latest outbreak of Hepatitis-E, Namibia has recorded more than 6 000 cases. Erongo region hit the second worst. The DRC informal settlement at Swakopmund is a high risk area, followed by Twaloloka informal settlement at Walvis Bay.
Namibia is not sitting idle in battling Hepatitis-E. This week a sanitation solution was launched at Swakopmund which is expected to turn the tide against the further spread of the disease which was first detected in July 2018.
On Tuesday of this week, Blue Planet In-vestment AG, Ger-many, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, handed over 20 000 units of spray-on hand sanitising solution to residents of the DRC in Swakopmund and Twaloloka informal settlement at Walvis Bay. These two areas are believed to be worst hit with Hepatitis-E at the coast.
Blue Planet, a producer of mineral, eco-friendly and non-toxic disinfectant solutions fit for human consumption, donated the hand sanitisers. They started without delay the distribution process.
There is a group of volunteers assigned to the task of distribution and are going from door to door to ensure that every household receives the product and that everyone understands what are expected of them.
The chief executive Officer and founder of Blue Planet Investment, Alexander Lattmann, explained this particular hand sanitiser is completely safe to use and does not have any side effects.
The hand sanitizing solution can be used on all surfaces, hands and in purifying contaminated water.
The group was in Swakopmund about three months ago to assess the situation, hence the decision to distribute the hand sanitiser.
Former health minister Bernard Haufiku advised residents of DRC at the handover to regularly wash their hands. Use running water and soap.
Haufiku confirmed Erongo is the first to use the Anosan Sanitation Solution product in Namibia.

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