Harbour town golfers dominate

Junior Golfers from Walvis Bay dominated at the Namibia Junior Golf Foundation’s Annual Junior Golf Open at the Rossmund Golf Club.

Willie Els from Walvis Bay golf club had an outstanding round with 76 gross and won the Namibia Junior Open 2019 by 8 shots.
Charlie Lohmann from Omeya Golf Club played the first 18 holes 83 gross and second 18 holes 82 gross and was leading by one shot.
Jonathan Mather from Walvis Bay Golf Club came back after his first 18 holes 96 gross and played 77 and again 77 gross to end up in second place. Jackson Kawaya from Tsumeb golf club won the Over-all net with 279.
Tsumeb golfers Wensley Haseb won the B division with 65 points and Kyle John-son with 48 points was second.
Bradley Gawaneb Walvis Bay Golf Club won the C division with 67 points and newcomer Christiaan Spanenberg from Rossmund Golf Club ended up in second place with 59 points.
Twelve youngsters competed in the beginners’ competition over nine holes, with nine year old JP Johnson with a natural golf swing won with 5 points. Marcel Stiemert, just 6 years old, was second with 23 points and in third place was “Carl” with 21 points.
Adri Pienaar, the President of the Namibia Junior Golf Foundation said: “It was a privilege to walk with the youngsters. They astonished me with their talent and potential for golf. They must please keep on practicing and we looking forward to see them on the next tournament”.
The next junior competition is the Windhoek Junior Open on the 20th July at Windhoek Golf Club.
The Namibia Junior Golf Foundation is running 2 separate merit lists for the National Team that will participate in the All Africa Junior Golf Challenge Trophy next year March in Egypt and the Junior Open next year July in Scotland.
Adri Basson from Private Wealth Management sponsored the Namibia Junior Golf Open 2019.
Adri Basson is a golf icon in Namibia. Not only is he the President of PGA Golf Namibia, but also started Junior Golf in Namibia many years ago.
NJGF would like to thank Adri Basson for his contribution and investment in junior golf throughout Namibia.
Results: Overall winner Willie Els 242 gross, Overall winner Net 231,
A division gross winner Jonothan Mather 250 and Cilliers Sachse 253 second
A division net winner Charlie Lohmann 232 and Michael Natangwe 243 second
B division winner Wensley Haseb 65 points, second place Kyle John-son 59 points and third place belonged to Bonnie Hoabeb 41 points.
C division winner Bradley Gawaneb with 67 points, with Christiaan Spanenberg 59 points second and Lazlo Julie 56 points third in fourth place was Alejandro Gillmer 55 points.
Beginners division winner JP Johnson 28 points, second place Marcel Stiemert, third place Carl 21 points, fourth place Pablo Gawanab 15 points and five place Tapi Katsvara 15 points.

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