Hard at work to beautify the lagoon walkway…..

Several members of the public expressed their satisfaction this week with what is happening at the Walvis Bay lagoon. It is a hive of activity as municipal worker mow the lawns, paint some structures and contractors mending the promenade’s sea wall.

“It is a pleasure for a change to be a Walvis Bay resident. We see things are happening, and we thank staff of the municipality and also contractors who are seeing that our public places are cleaned and restored again”, said one resident.


Second fish cleaning station

The municipality of Walvis Bay has completed the construction of a second fish cleaning station at the lagoon. It remains cordoned off until the concrete has set and dried.
It is a few metres away from the existing fish cleaning station.


Concerns over “dying” palm lane at Walvis Bay

Walvis Bay residents and regular commuters on the B2 coastal road have contacted the Namib Times at several occasions the past few days, expressing concerns that the town’s well-known palm tree lane at the town’s entrance is dying.
The newspaper inspected the palm lane and it is clear that more than two thirds of the trees’ leaves are turning brown. The process has sped up in recent weeks, and fears are this palm lane will not survive. In fact, many trees have already died.

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