Hartmann murder suspect also sustained a broken leg during arrest at Outjo – sources

The main suspect in the murder of Manfred Hartmann, an elderly resident of Swakopmund on 18 August this year is still recovering in a Windhoek hospital from a gunshot wound from a policeman’s firearm. He fled Swakopmund after the murder and was shot lees than twelve hours later resisting arrest at Outjo. Meanwhile, the Namibian Police issued a renewed request for the public to assist identifying family members or friends of the deceased Mr Hartmann.
“We urge residents to come forward with information on how we can trace the family,” said Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, police regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo.
namib times understood the murder suspect, Uaaro Unaro Mbemukenga (25), was shot and injured in the leg resisting arrest after the Police intercepted him at Outjo. This was less than twelve hours after the body of 78-year-old Hartmann was found in his home in Vineta. Initial reports indicate that Mbemukenga, who is yet to make his appearance in court on a charge of murder as well as robbery with aggravating circumstances, was employed by the victim as a gardener. After Hartmann’s body was discovered by members of the police, Mbemukenga was nowhere to be found, leading to suspicion he might have something to do with the murder. Various valuables, including a laptop, a cellphone, a pistol and two bags of clothes amongst others were stolen from Hartmann’s home.
The stolen laptop was recovered in Swakopmund after the suspect allegedly sold it to get money to travel to the North. The police have also recovered all other stolen items, including the firearm. Reliable sources revealed Mbemukenga is not only recovering from the bullet wound, but also sustained a broken leg attempting to flee from the Police. He allegedly jumped over a wall at Outjo in his haste to flee police officers and broke a leg. He apparently needs surgery to his leg.
Hartmann was one of three elderly Swakopmund residents murdered in a short period. The murders, and several other murders that preceded these killings in prior weeks, drew huge public reaction. It also spurred the Swakopmund local authority into action to see what can be done to curb the culture of killing that seems to be prevailing. Namibians in general are peace loving and tolerant, and the country’s high murder rate must be stopped.

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