Hartmann murderer shot at Outjo

The manhunt for the main suspect in the murder of Manfred Hartmann in Swakopmund ended at Outjo on Friday night with the alleged murderer shot by the Police after resisting arrest. The suspect is admitted to a Windhoek Hospital under heavy police guard.
Members of the Namibian police deserve to be congratulated for their swift action in tracking down and apprehending two suspects less than twelve hours after the body of 78-year old Manfred Karl Hartmann’s was discovered in his home in Swakopmund on Friday morning.
“Initially we suspected only one person, but during the preliminary investigation we found that he did not act alone,” explained Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, police regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo, to namib times.
Many Swakopmund residents are living in fear after the murders earlier this month in Swakopmund of the elderly couple Siegfried and Siegline Strzelecki. The couple was overpowered in their home in Vineta. Mrs. Strzelecki died in the attack and her husband died days later of his injuries. Also in this case the Police apprehended the alleged murderers within hours.
Considering the similarities between the two cases, in that some of the suspects were employed by the victims, Iikuyu has called on the public to “not just employ anyone off the street.”
“If you employ a domestic worker or similar, always ensure that you make a copy of their ID or personal documents and ask for references,” he said. Iikuyu was speaking to the media at the victim’s house on Friday afternoon.
According to Iikuyu the preliminary investigation has determined that the main suspect in the Hartmann murder, who was arrested in Outjo, was not only the boyfriend of the domestic worker, but he was also employed by the victim as a gardener for one month and two weeks before the incident. The domestic worker was questioned but she could not been linked to the case.
According to Iikuyu it is alleged that between Thursday (17 August) 09:00 and Friday (18 August) 08:15 the suspect forced Hartmann into a small toilet-room outside his resident. He tied the elderly man’s hands behind his back and used the same cable to tie up the victim around a pipe of the toilet bowl.
“It is alleged he hit the victim with two bricks on the forehead and on the head causing serious open wounds and heavy bleeding. It is believed these blows by blunt object caused Hartmann’s death”, Iikuyu said.
The suspects thereafter locked the pensioner inside the toilet-room. The deceased’s body was discovered on Friday morning in a pool of blood by police officers. The body was taken to Walvis Bay Police Mortuary for a postmortem examination.
“The suspects also attempted to cut open a wall-mounted mounted safe, but with no success,” Iikuyu added. The safe has a number lock. Afterwards the suspects stole a Lenovo Laptop and one J-7 Samsung cell phone belonging to the deceased.
The first suspect in the matter, a 25-year old who is from Okakarara, in the Otjozondjupa Region, was arrested late on Friday afternoon at Outjo by the police. The suspect was shot and injured by members of the police when he resisted arrest.
He was admitted at a hospital in Windhoek. Some of the stolen items were found in his possession. After his arrest a second suspect, a 26-year old, was arrested at Swakopmund.
“We believe that they are friends, but the second suspect was not employed by the victim,” Iikuyu continued.
The deceased was staying alone at the house located on the corner of Amatis and Turmalin Street in Vineta. It is believed that he doesn’t have family in Namibia. The police requests anyone who knows his relatives to Contact Det. Insp. Tjihavero at 064-415050 or any police station.

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