Henties Bay gets own number plate

Henties Bay officially has its own satellite office of the Namibian Traffic Information System (NaTIS). In addition, the town also has its own traffic registration number. The Natis office was unveiled on Monday and is seen as one of the signs that positive winds of change has started to blow for Henties Bay.

Henties Bay prior fell under Natis Swakopmund. Hence all vehicles at this town have the “S” as part of the registration number, to indicate the Swakopmund registry authority. Henties Bay vehicles will now proudly carry the “HB” abbreviation on the number plates.

The Henties Bay Municipality played a major role in bringing the registration authority to town. In fact, the municipality made a renovated building avail-able for Natis as office space. It required renovations to the building which was carried out at a total cost of N$400 000. All NaTIS offices countrywide for an integrated traffic management system under the auspices of the Namibia Roads Authority.
In his keynote address at the inauguration of the office, the Deputy Minister of Works and Transport, Veikko Nekundi, urged vehicle owners at Henties Bay to have their vehicle registrations transferred from Swakopmund. That would mean if your traffic registration number was N123S it would then change to a registration number containing “N – HB” as the abbreviation for Henties Bay.
The Deputy Minister also took the opportunity to warn vehicle owners at Henties Bay that the new NaTIS office will introduce an evil to town – fraudsters who are stealing people’s money under the disguise of being registration agents. Often also posing as individuals “connected” to officials in the NaTIS office. The reality is theses thugs only want to get your cash in their hands and make an escape.
Do your registrations yourself. Alternatively, use a reputable agent, warned Nekundi. Adding rather following proper procedures than cutting corners, as you would end up disappointed and parted with your hard-earned cash.
The Henties Bay NaTIS office has five staff members, offering over-the-counter services on vehicle registration and licensing of vehicles. That also includes annual renewals of vehicle licenses, driving licenses. Vehicle examination and learner driving license testing will be introduced in the first quarter of 2021, according to Nekundi.
The office hours are on Monday to Thursday from 08:15 to 16:00. Friday from 08:15 to 15:00.
The contact number for the Henties Bay NaTIS office is 064 502019. The office officially opens this coming Monday, 21 December.

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