Henties Bay Mayor arrested for stolen cattle carcass

Henties Bay Mayor, Herman Honeb (54), spent the weekend behind bars after he was arrested for allegedly receiving a cattle carcass without any documentation to prove he is the rightful owner to that. Honeb was released on bail of N$4 000 after his first appearance in the Swakopmund magistrates court yesterday.
According to deputy commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, police regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo, the arrest was made on Saturday after Honeb allegedly accepted the meat the evening before. “It is alleged that on Friday (16 June) at about 21:30 the suspect accepted one full cattle carcass without any document or identification. He sold the carcass for N$4 000,” Iikuyu explained.
The incident allegedly took place at Erf no. 1952 in Omaruru drive in Henties Bay. The police recovered the carcass – valued at more than N$8 000 – from the buyer. The police also recovered some cash from the suspect, which was allegedly paid to him by the buyer.
Honeb made his first appearance in the Swakopmund magistrates court. Henties Bay falls under the jurisdiction of the Swakopmund magistrates district. He appeared on a charge of delivery of stock without a permit as well as a charge of receiving stock without a permit of identification. The matter was postponed to 25 July for further police investigations. Honeb was represented by lawyer Shakespeare Masiza. Dalon Quickfall represents the state.

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