High refusal rate a concern for the Namibia Statistics Agency

Residents urged to comply with NSA survey

Sharlien Tjambari

The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) this week expressed concern with the high refusal rate that it experiences when it comes to data collection at the coastal towns of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund since its inception in April 2012.
The Agency will be conducting the 2018 Namibia Labour Force Survey from the 16 September to the 16 October, and it is rather concerning to note that the agency sometimes spends more time trying to convince people to partake in the survey rather than doing the actual survey work itself. With information needed for economic planning and to monitor progress in Government interventions, it seems like the nation does not know how far this information goes in addressing the nation’s plight.
The Senior Communications Officer at NSA, Nelson Ashipala said: “These high refusals are mostly experienced in high income residential areas in the regions of Erongo, Khomas and Otjozondjupa. Sometimes our enumerators are even insulted and chased away from private households. For Khomas and Erongo, the situation is so bad that sometimes from 18 selected households, only five will comply”.
The survey’s objectives are to measure the extent of available and unused labour time and human resources for the purpose of macro-economic monitoring and human resources development planning.
The survey also aims to measure the relationships between employment, and other socio-economic characteristics for purposes of formulating and monitoring employment policies and programs, income generating and monitoring schemes, vocational training and other similar programs. “One would think people from higher income areas would need this information more than anyone else”, Ashipala added.
According to Ashipala this survey is the fifth survey to be conducted by the NSA nationwide and will cover all fourteen regions. It will gather statistical data and provide updated information on employment trends and other socio-economic characteristics of the population.
The agency has ensured proper identification for all its field staff. This includes ID cards clearly marked with the survey logo and survey uniform. Alternatively, households can call their respective Councillor’s office to confirm enumerators identities
The Swakopmund and Walvis Bay residents living in Ocean View, Long Beach and Meersig are urged to cooperate and give information to the NSA staff who will be conducting the survey, because these are the most challenging areas where NSA staff finds people who refuse to cooperate. The survey will be conducted during morning hours at the identified houses. Ashipala further said that residents who are not at their homes during morning hours can arrange for afternoon meetings or have the NSA staff meet them at their work place.
All private households in Namibia and subsequently the people living in those private households are targeted for these upcoming surveys which will commence tomorrow (16 September).

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