High swell lead to some damage at Swakopmund

The exceptionally high swell on Friday last week left some scars along some popular beach spots. A winter storm coupled with the new moon led to a maximum wave height of up to 4.5 metres, reports indicated.

While only minor damages were reported, the most hard-hit spot was once again the Tiger Reef Beach Bar close to the Swakop river mouth.
Some waves managed to crash through the awnings and palm tree leaves serving as a barrier. “My alarm went off on Friday morning at about 3:00 and we thought somebody was breaking in. Turns out it was the waves moving the furniture around,” Quinton Liebenberg from the Lighthouse Group said to namib times.
The parking lot at the Mole by the Strand Hotel has changed quite a bit since the high swell on Friday. The waves crashed over the beach barrier depositing a large amount of sand on the parking lot. Slight damage to the fence at the new waterfront development “Platz am Meer” in Vineta were also reported.
A high swell with big waves are not uncommon for this time of the year, especially in the month of September. “I get my early warning sign when a lot of international surfers arrive at Walvis Bay,” Liebenberg continued saying. Namibia serves as a surfing haven when wave conditions at the popular surfing spot Donkey Bay close to Pelican Point are ideal.

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