High vaccination rate could soften the Covid-19 grip during winter 2022

Countries in the southern hemisphere, including Namibia, have their eyes set upon countries in the northern hemisphere where the winter months are fast approaching. Many of these countries experience a spike in Covid-19 cases despite having high vaccination rates.

In fact, what the effect of Covid-19 will be on these countries during the northern hemisphere’s winter will be indicative of what countries in the southern hemisphere (with a high vaccination rate) can expect during its winter months of 2022.
“There are a few very important indicators that will develop from countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, some Eastern European countries, Israel, Russia and even China. Many of these countries have high vaccination rates, yet they experience a spike in Covid cases”, explained a local medical practitioner to Namib Times this week.
This medical practitioner declined to be named and agreed to discuss the matter on account of anonymity.
He urged Namibians to vaccinate, as statistics and global research confirmed and continues to confirm that vaccinated people are overwhelmingly less likely to contract serious Covid-19. Vaccinated people are also overwhelmingly run a lesser risk of hospitalisation, a stint in an intensive care unit or even death.
“My opinion, and that is the opinion of the biggest part of the medical fraternity, is that the spike in Covid-19 cases in countries with high vaccination rates will actually prove the Covid-19 vaccination’s effectiveness beyond doubt”, the medical practitioner explained.
Vaccinated people will most likely contract what is known as a breakthrough infection, meaning they will contract Covid-19 but will not require hospitalisation and would make a full recovery. He also expects death rates to be dramatically less for these countries with high vaccination rates.
We as Namibians must now more than ever make the effort to get vaccinated. I want to echo the Health Minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula’s recent warning that we should not let our guard down amidst Covid-figures dropping to single numbers.
Covid-19 remains a real threat and if we as a country can achieve a high vaccination rate the effect of Covid-19 on people’s health and lives will reduce significantly in 2022.
Namibia’s vaccination rate is approximately 22 % of the total population (Namibia’s population is currently given as 2 588 856 people). Of this 22 % a total of 286 000 people is fully vaccinated and 348 224 received the first dose.

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