Historic weekend for Bowls

It was a historic weekend for Bowls in Namibia, with the first National league games that were played at Omeya Bowls Club against Rossmund Bowling Club.

In spite of the excitement of the situation for the host club, Omeya had no answer to Rossmund’s attack and won only one game out of the four.
Towards the end of 2017, Windhoek Country Club – Bowls (WCC) was given notice by the main club and asked to move out. One of the main reasons was that the feeder road for the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino and the Golf estate was scheduled to go through the two existing bowling greens.
The members of the WCC decided not to split up and join other clubs but to stick together. They approached the other three clubs in Windhoek for permission to use their greens.
After much back and forth with the Namibia Bowling Association, they were granted per-mission to affiliate as Omeya Bowls Club and Trans Namib Bowling Club agreed for them to use their green until the planned one at Omeya was completed.
They affiliated as Omeya Bowls Club at the beginning of 2018 and competed in the leagues under their new name.
After just over a year, their green was completed and Omeya Bowls Club finally had their own venue.
The Official opening took place with the existing members and five interested persons who showed so much interest and enjoyed the game so much that they joined the club and immediately affiliated with the NBA. “
The day was a big success, and my daughter, Mandie, and I were there from 10.00 am until 5.00 pm,” commented the president,
Amanda Steenkamp. “There was plenty of interest.”
“Desmond van der Smit from the NBA commented, “We wish Omeya Bowling Club a bright future on their new green and top-class club house.”

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