Hit with tyre pump then raped

The police in Erongo is investigating another case of rape in the vicinity of Uis, only a few days after a 34 year-old was arrested for allegedly raping one minor and attempting to rape another minor. The most recent case transpired on 4 October, but it was only now reported to the police, said Detective Chief Inspector Erastus Iikuyu, acting crime co-ordinator in the Erongo Region.

According to Iikuyu the incident happened on the farm Tsetsoub in the Uis area at about 22:00 on the mentioned date. It is alleged that the victim, a 42 year-old female, was travelling on a donkey cart with two men from Uis town to the farm. Before reaching their houses, one man jumped off and walked home. The victim as well as the other man driving the cart, 35 year-old Gevard Tsaraeb, proceeded to their houses.
After traveling on for a short while it is alleged that the suspect, who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, suddenly hit the victim with a tyre pump and she fell off the cart to the ground. “The suspect stopped the cart, jumped off and raped the victim,” Iikuyu said. The other man, who had started walking home earlier, heard the victim screaming and came to rescue her, because his house is not far from where the incident took place. “He found the suspect and victim at the scene,” Iikuyu continued. The suspect was arrested.

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