Hope for the Community

Rudi Bowe

The Blessed Hope Full Gospel Church (BHFGC) from Steenberg in Cape Town, South Africa is in Walvis Bay to bring Hope to the community of the Harbour town.

The Pastor and some of his congregation members were on a Hope Mission tour in Walvis Bay, where they saw the need to renovate the Sunshine Kids Centre (SKC). The BHFGC congregation has also set up a partnership agreement with the Board of Directors of the Centre.

The Pastor of BHFGC Mark Harris said “the project of Hope for the Centre doesn’t stop here, we will go home and will send money to the centre in aid for their bakery. We are not here to take but to give to the needy of the community.”

“Since our arrival in Walvis Bay, we held gospel meetings in Narraville and all the funds that were raised was given to the centre and without the renovating we also give what is needed in the bakery” Henry Laguma a member of the BHFGC congregation added.

Fariq Gamieldien from the drag awareness group of the BHFGC congregation said that they have started a program with Treasure Namibia to assist families with children who are addicted to drugs with a meeting that is set for 6 October at the Ro-man Catholic Church in Narraville.

The Director of SKC Elsa Murangi, expressed her gratitude and said that it is amazing to see what BHFGC is doing for the centre and that their donation imperative to the implementation of the successful programs at the Centre. The centre was last renovated in 2015 by the Shofar Church in Swakopmund.

Murangi added that the centre is a non-profit charitable organisation and is not affiliated or associated with any other health or human service agencies and is a shelter to educate, feed and provide much needed therapy to children and people with autism, down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and different kinds of physical and mental disabilities.

Murangi mentioned that the centre is funded through donations and small self-initiative venture to make a profit to keep the Centre running. At the centre is a bakery where they bake bread for the Promise land Centre and some other intuitions.

Murangi plea to the com-munity to support the centre by ordering their freshly baked bread and all other ventures like gardening, catering, making dolls and wood work that they are doing at the centre.

“We are not doing this to make a profit, but to keep the Centre running and making sure our kids are well taken care of as we depend on donor funding which sometimes is not enough to cater for the children’s needs. Thus, we come up with ways to get enough money to give the best education and much needed therapies for our children. Come and support us, so we can give the best to our children” Murangi added.

Anyone that would like to support the centre can contact us either through filling out the form or by calling us directly at +26464 202015 or 0812084915.


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