Horror moments – robbers target doctor’s practice

Eileen van der Schyff

A receptionist at a well-known general practitioner recalled to namib times her horror moments earlier this week when a man armed with a knife overpowered her, tied her up and then fled the scene with the petty cash box. The incident happened as the receptionist prepared to close the medical practice for the lunch hour on Tuesday.

“I recognised the man. He was here on Monday and demanded to see the doctor. I recommended he make an appointment and he then said he would return later. On Tuesday, as I was closing the blinds to lock up for the lunch time, two men came in”, the receptionist explained.

She went behind the counter to assist them. The one man followed her behind the counter. As she turned around she saw the man holding a knife in his hand. He told her to keep quiet, threatening all the time to stab her.

The man then took from a bag he had with him rope and duct tape. He tied up the terrified receptionist and locked her in the toilet.

The men fled the scene. The petty cash box was missing. The woman who spoke to namib times on condition her name and that of the doctor’s practice remains anonymous as a police investigation is ongoing said her ordeal lasted for some twenty minutes.


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