Horse suspected for killing owner at Otjimbingwe

A 29 year-old was allegedly severely kicked by his horse on Saturday afternoon in the vicinity of Otjimbingwe, which ultimately caused his death. The police is investigating a case of inquest, said deputy commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, Nampol regional crime investigations coordinator for Erongo.
According to Iikuyu the body of Thomas Haimbodi was found on Saturday at about 17:00 under a tree about 300 meters from the Otjimbingwe Police Station. It is alleged that the deceased and his co-worker, both are cattle herders, travelled to Otjimbingwe during the morning on their horses “for enjoyment.” They are both working on the “Wellem post Resettlement farm” located about ten kilometers from Otjimbingwe.
They were allegedly drinking together at different bars in the area, when later during the day the deceased’s co-worker could not find the deceased nor his horse. He thought that Haimbodi went home. The body was found shortly thereafter, the horse was standing close-by. “It is alleged that the deceased was kicked several times all over his body by his horse while trying to ride the horse back home. He was injured and it is suspected to have caused his death,” said Iikuyu. According to Iikuyu it is suspected that the deceased was under the influence of alcohol during the time of incident.The next of kin have been informed. A post mortem investigation will be conducted to determine the exact cause of death. The investigation is ongoing.

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