Hospital food shortage problem still ongoing

NFCPT donates N$ 35 000

Rudi Bowe

The food shortage problem at the four state hospitals in the Erongo Region is still ongoing, the Governor of Erongo Clr. Cleophas Mutjavikua says. Adding, the continued support from the business community and individuals are of immense help, and people should not stop helping until the problem is solved.
Clr. Mutjavikua made these remarks on Friday at the hand-over of 490kg of hake fillets by the Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT), to the Erongo Regional food bank that was created recently to bridge the problem with food shortage to the Walvis Bay-, Swakopmund-, Usakos- and Omaruru state hospitals.
The donation of the fish, which has a total market value of N$35 000, was conducted in person by Victoria Pea, the Chief Executive Officer of NFCPT.
Pea said one of the main aims of the NFCPT is go promote fish consumption among Namibians and in doing so promote health. She said in this regard the donation compliments the mandate of the NFCPT, as the fish would be consumed by an estimated 200 patients at the state health facilities and assist in the people to recover or heal from their illnesses and injuries.
“At the Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust we are deeply anchored on the principle of extending our mandate of making fish more accessible and affordable”, said Pea. She explained that the NFCPT also uses its corporate social responsibility platform to promote fish consumption and make fish available for consumption. In this instance some 200 patients in need of three nutritious meals per day are benefiting from the donation. Pea pointed out apart from the health benefits associated with the consumption of fish, fish consumption during periods of recovery from illness or injury is also beneficial in the sense that it aids and complements the effect of medicines administered by health professionals.
Pea described the food shortage as a crisis and an emergency and said once they learnt of the magnitude of the problem and the fact that it was a deteriorating situation, the NFCPT acted swiftly to make the fish available.
This donation follows only days after Erongo Marine Enterprises donated an amount of N$300 000 for the Erongo emergency food bank and a further N$50 000 to repair refrigeration equipment at the Walvis Bay- and Swakopmund state hospitals that was not functioning.
To donate food or funds for the Erongo emergency food bank, kindly contact the Office of the Governor at 064-410 5700 or the Office of the Mayor Swakopmund 064-410 4111 or the Office of the Mayor Walvis Bay 064-2013 111.

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