Housing project to boost Arandis economy

Rudi Bowe

“Tens of millions of Namibian Dollar” will flow through Arandis’ local economy in the next few years, says Nick Mwanandimayi, a director of South Haven Holdings. South Haven Holdings will construct a total of 317 low-cost houses at Arandis in the following years and will sell these houses in a price range of N$300 000 and N$350 000. The capital lay-out by South Haven Holdings is estimated at N$120 million.

A ground-breaking ceremony took place at Arandis on Friday, with the guest of honour the Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Derek Klazen.
The project is described as historic, in the sense it would be the biggest number of homes constructed at Arandis in a single project, since Rössing constructed an initial 1 000 houses when the town was established in the seventies as a mining town.  Rössing handed over the town to the then South West African Government in 1976. Since Independence, the Arandis local authority constructed an additional 219 dwellings. The current project to be executed by South Haven Holdings is expected to alleviate the current housing shortage experienced at Arandis, and at the same time create large scale job opportunities and allow for much needed cash to wash through the town’s economy.
Arandis in recent years moved away from its only role as mining town for the nearby Rössing uranium mine and is now moving ahead as a town open to investors for industrial development and allied business opportunities flowing from that. The Arandis local authority is robust in its approach and has so far already met 75 % of its five-year development priority.
Deputy Minister Klazen in his keynote address at the ground-breaking on Friday echoed the same sentiment that this new housing project must not only provide shelter and eradicate the housing backlog. It must be affordable housing, an opportunity for mass job creation and a financial vehicle to boost the local economy.
“The project by South Haven Holdings will expand Arandis’ residential capacity by almost 30%”, further said Klazen. Adding the execution of the project will run like clockwork and that the required quality of workmanship is delivered.
“Houses where people’s dreams can be realised”, in the Minister’s own words.

Mr Nick Mwanan-dimayi in addressing those who attended the ground-breaking said over the next 24 months “the landscape of Arandis will evolve as tens of millions will flow through the town through this historic initiative”.
He expressed gratitude that his business was selected to carry out the project and in doing so become part of the solution to the town’s housing backlog.  “Thank you for entrusting us with the hundreds of people that will be employed in the construction of 319 plus houses in this vibrant growing town”, Mwanandimayi concluded.

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