How not to do it….

TransNamib had to learn the hard way this week that an emolument attach order against an employee’s salary is not to be taken lightly.

The national rail carrier failed to pay over the amount they deducted from the employee to an attorney’s trust fund. That resulted in the Deputy Sheriff on Tuesday attaching all of TransNamib’s office furniture at the Walvis Bay railway station.
Namib Times learnt reliably the amount for which the rail carrier was taken to task stood at N$8 000, but additional costs incurred pushed the total amount payable to N$18 000.  “TransNamib paid the same day and the furniture was returned. It is just shameful that funds of an already burdened state-owned-enterprise is squandered as a result of administrative negligence”, remarked a source close to the incident.
Note: if a person incurs bad debt, the creditor can approach a court for the issuing of an emolument attachment order. In terms of this order, a monthly amount that may not exceed a certain percentage of total disposal income can be deducted against the debtor’s salary. Refusing to deduct the money or failing to pay over the money to the attorney who obtained the order is therefore regarded as a bad idea.

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