How salt keeps our drinking water safe

A total of 9 000 tons of bagged salt is shipped from Walvis Bay in the coming days, one of the major and regular bulk export commodities for the port of Walvis Bay.

Salt manufactured at Walvis Bay Salt Refiners are exported to various global destinations, including South Africa where it is used among others in the manufacturing of water purification chemicals. Namibia’s national water utility, NamWater, incidentally is one of the major importers of this water purification chemicals to keep the country’s potable water sources safe and healthy.
Situated south of Walvis Bay, salt production at Walvis Bay Salt Refiners is expected to reach 1,2 million tons per annum after the evaporation ponds were significantly extended in recent years. Salt production at Walvis Bay is a major direct employer and also indirect employment to local service providers.

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