Huge changes to traffic system around Dunes Mall in the pipeline

With the regulation of traffic flow to- and from the Dunes Mall as the only short-term solution, namib times also this week wanted to hear from the municipality of Walvis Bay’s traffic authority what the longer-term solutions entail.

Traffic chief Eben Platt confirmed that the Walvis Bay local aut-hority held a meeting where several changes to the current traffic system in the area of Dunes Mall were identified and placed on the list of high priority.
The upgrade of the Diaz circle to add more traffic lanes on the B2 and C14 (airport road) is one of the priorities, secondly to add a second entrance/exit on 18th Str East side of the Mall (the street that leads from Diaz circle to the four-way intersection at the Walvis Bay cemetery) and thirdly, a two-phase traffic light or additional traffic roundabout at the Kruis Street T-junction (new Narraville entrance road on the airport road).
“We had a high priority meeting with our engineers and these proposals were discussed. We know the situation is critical, but our interventions will ensure increased traffic flows and ensure as many left-turn situations as this is always the safest”, Platt explained on Monday.
Adding these proposals will have to follow the administrative channels of the local authority, but at the same time given high priority as traffic safety and people’s safety are at stake.
Since Dunes Mall opened on Thursday the area became a traffic nightmare. Seemingly endless streams of vehicles from the direction of Swakopmund, from Walvis Bay-town and from the direction of the airport formed long queues and traffic came to a virtual standstill for extended periods. Many parked outside and many walked to the Mall, increasing the risk of accidents involving pedestrians.
Platt in another interview with namib times said traffic flow is the main challenge. The only way to achieve that in the current absence of long-term interventions, was to appeal for Dunes Mall’s management to step up its regulation of traffic flows on the Mall’s premises, secondly for motorists to slow down, adhere to traffic signs and road markings and to consider one another.
Platt added traffic officials will also have a zero-tolerance approach to any undisciplined behaviour behind the wheel, as one life lost is one life too many.

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