Human remains found in shallow grave in dunes outside Narraville

Eileen van der Schyff

The Walvis Bay community is waiting in anguish and torment. Is the human remains found yesterday on the outskirts of Narraville in Walvis Bay that of missing Shannon Wasserfall? The 21-year old went missing on 10 April this year, leaving her family devastated.

The human remains found yesterday at around 15:00 in a shallow grave in the dunes close to Narraville are unmistakably that of a young woman. The clothes that were found with the remains corresponds with the clothes Wasserfall wore on the day of her disappearance. See pictures herewith.
According to the Police, DNA-tests will have to determine whether the remains are that of Wasserfall.
It was further explained the Police found the remains after an anonymous tip-off.

See pictures: Wasserfall was last seen in Kabeljou Street Kuisebmond, wearing a pair of white shorts , black top, and navy jacket. The weathered clothes found with the remains resemble that.

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