Human remains in shallow grave confirmed as that of Shannon Wasserfall

A spokesperson at the Namibian Police’s headquarters in Windhoek confirmed yesterday that the Namibia National Forensic Science Institute could partly match a finger print to the human remains found on the outskirts of Narraville in a shallow grave last week. The humans remains are that of Shannon Wasserfall, the 22-year old female that went missing in the second week of April this year.

Within days after the human remains were discovered, and weathered cloths found at the remains matched that of the clothes Wasserfall wore on the day of her disappearance, the Namibian Police took a Walvis Bay resident, 28-year old Azaan Madisia, in for questioning. She was later formally arrested and made a first appearance on charges of murder and obstruction of the course of justice last Friday, on 9 October.

Meanwhile, the family of the late Wasserfall said they have clarity the remains found are that of Shannon Wasserfall.


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