Husab Employees get a 7 % increase – with back-pay

Sharlien Tjambari

The much anticipated wage negotiation between Swakop Uranium and the Mine Workers Union (MUN) has been finalised. The agreement was signed on Wednesday afternoon.

Timo Katjiuaende, the Mine Workers Union Swakop Uranium Branch Chairperson said after engaging with Swakop Uranium since last year October, they have finally reached an agreement. He described negotiations as having conduced in a mature manner and mutually beneficial to both parties at the end.
We look forward working with the management and address other challenges, he added.
Katjiwaende further explained the agreement makes provision for a 7 % wage increase and the housing allowance will be increased to N$3 000-00 per month, from the existing N$2 500-00 per month.
A 70/30 contribution on medical aid benefits is also in force following the agreement.
“Employees who have worked for five years now will receive long service awards and receive a windfall of N$4 000-00; for those who started with the mine and are working ten years, the windfall would be N$8 000-00”.
Katjiwaende further confirmed the agreement comes into force retrospectively from 1 January 2019. Thus employees will receive a back-pay from this effective date.
Cai Yusheng, the Chief Executive Officer of Swakop Uranium during the signing of the agreement described the agreement as the “beginning of many great things” between the two parties.
“We have not only discussed the figures. We also discussed many other things which are very important for the long term running of this company. We have reached common ground. You know, to run a company with the size of Swakop Uranium is not easy so all stakeholders need to work together. We will face many more challenges in the future”.
Yusheng further said: “I believe that through such a course, the union and the management now understand each other better than before. I also believe the sustainable development of Swakop Uranium will contribute much more to local businesses, education and to the Namibian industrialisation program”.
Commenting on the issue of the previous strike on health and safety at the Husab Mine, Katjiwaende said they managed to get the mine inspector on board with regards to the issues around blasting and a task team comprising of the mine management was assigned to normalise all activities. ‘Everything is back to normal”.

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