I’m in love …with an E Fat Bike

Though Fat Bike Tours are only for the fit ….. think again! If like me, you thought you would not enjoy a trip with a fat bike as you have not cycled for quite a while, the good news is, there is now an electric fat bike which makes cycling up and down the dunes super easy and fun
Mark from Swakopmund Fat Bike Tours just invested in 10 E-Fat bikes so this holiday the whole family can enjoy a scenic desert tour, a low-tide beach cruise, a sun-up or sun-downer trip, or a “Old City” Swakopmund tour. If you know how to ride a bike – this trip is for you – for the fitter family members there are still the normal fat bikes and for the not so fit – the electric fat bikes!!!
On the Scenic Desert Tour you take in the silence and breathtaking scenery of the oldest desert in the world while feeling the fresh coastal air and enjoying the thrill of cycling up and down Namibia’s famous dunes. Guaranteed to excite and offer an unforgettable and unique cycling experience. The scenic desert tour is around 12 – 14 km long and includes cycling through the dry Swakop river bed and up and down stunning dunes.
On the Scenic Swakopmund Tour you cycle down memory lane past some of Swakopmund’s historic buildings and landmarks to convey a feeling of how this charming town started and why Swakopmund is still one of Namibia’s favorite places to visit.
On the Low-tide Beach Cruise, the fat bike’s balloon-like tires allow for almost effortless floating over pebbles and sand making it ideal for casually cruising below the high-tide mark on the beach at low-tide – bound to make anyone smile!
On the Sandwich Harbour Fat Bike Tour, you can experience the world famous “where the desert meets the sea” on a fat bike. The Fat Bike allows you to explore this amazing area in the most ecological and close to nature way, a once in a lifetime experience. This tour is low-tide dependent and therefore only offered on days when the low tide is in the middle of the day.

You can also rent a fat bike. Make the most out of your stay in Swakopmund and rent a fat bike for the day.

Contact Mark from Swakopmund Fat Bike Tours at 081 395 5813 to book your trip!

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