Import vehicle menace……..

Walvis Bay residents’ frustrations with import vehicles continue. Follow the recent delivery of a consignment of imported vehicles in the port of Walvis Bay, frustrations were growing.

Instead of ensuring the vehicles leave Namibia within the required time frame after being cleared from the port of Walvis Bay, many of the vehicles are parked on public parking spots – often for weeks at a time.
In the pictures provided here, two imports, which were supposed to have already left Namibia’s to destination countries like Zambia and Zimbabwe, are parked in the customer parking area of the Metropolitan Plaza in the town’s central business district.
“These agents are mostly from Zambia and other SADC countries and they are abusing our town’s public parking spaces for free warehousing. That is not my only concern. These vehicles, especially the trucks, are often laden with household items and one wonders about issues like tax evasion in this instance”, the person said who alerted Namib Times to the two vehicles parked at Metropolitan Plaza.

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