Increase in false insurance claims

The Namibian Police at Walvis Bay expressed concern this week over an increase of members of the public providing false statements to the police for fraudulent insurance claims. Police spokesperson Warrant Officer Ileni Shapumba called upon the public to refrain from this, as this puts further strain on police operations and the person risk prosecution for making false statements to a police officer, defeating the ends of justice and insurance fraud.

The frequency of these occurrences, according to Shapumba, has started to increase and is believed to increase even more during the festive season. People are trying to make extra money out of insurance pay-outs, whether it be car theft, house break-in’s or car accidents.
“To make a false statement under the oath is a very serious offence, not to mention a waste of time and resources during police investigations. Should these claims; made under false statements, be paid out it could lead to charges of insurance fraud. “It has happened in the past, therefore we warn the public because we are keeping an eye on these cases”, Shapumba commented.
Along with this Shapumba also warned counterfeit currency is once again making its rounds, especially the N$200 note.
“I urge the public to make sure the money they receive in stores or from any other transaction are the correct notes. Especially shop owners and retail stores, ensure the money customers use are indeed valid bank notes”, Shapumba said.

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